Why You Should Listen To Geoff Jowett

Geoff Jowett is the real deal. With over 20 year’s experience helping people lose weight, he knows the most effective ways for you to reach your weight loss goal.

Industry experience that speaks for itself

Geoff Jowett started his career as a personal trainer once completing his Sports Science degree from the University of New South Wales.

He worked hard and quite quickly become the best in the business, winning the coveted Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award in 2003.

Geoff Jowett co-founded Vision Personal Training, the largest and most respected chain of PT studios in Australia and New Zealand. Now with over 55 locations, Vision PT is a true example of his role in the health and fitness industry.

He created the Bodytrim and Bodysculpt systems, a weight loss product which has helped over a million people around the world with their weight loss goals.

But that is not all! Geoff is also the best selling author of Myths, Lies and Exercise. He is also one of the most practical people in the field of weight loss. He has created “Eating Out For Weight Loss” DVDs and a series of weight loss cook books (by cuisine style) to ensure wherever you are in the world you are equipped with the tools to stay trim.

The real deal

In a time when everyone calls themselves a thought leader, and words like “expert” and “authority”, Geoff’s industry experience speaks for itself.

Geoff Jowett is the real deal, dedicated to helping everyday Australians lose weight.

He is committed to helping people be their best through sharing his weight loss knowledge and experience with home tips for weight loss and tried and true strategies on how to lose body fat.

If you want the secret of how to lose weight naturally at home, Geoff Jowett is the man you should listen to!