Geoff Jowett Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

Controversial? Outspoken? A maverick of the weight loss industry? Quite possibly.

Weight Loss Crusader. Probably.

All words used to describe Geoff Jowett.

And he does not care.

Because Geoff Jowett is on a mission.

Geoff Jowett has a goal of helping 10 million people around the world discover the truth and achieve their optimal health.

So who is Geoff Jowett and why should you listen?

But that is not all Geoff Jowett is.

He is also an author, speaker and motivator. And Geoff’s passion is second to none when it comes to helping people realise their potential and create their best life.

Geoff Jowett’s weight loss mission

So Geoff is pooling all of his resources – his twenty plus years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

His university education of our anatomy, nutrition, the psychological aspects of exercise and weight loss, biology and muscle function.

His knowledge as a personal trainer.

His knowledge and skills as a body builder.

His knowledge creating weight loss supplements that work.

His time and efforts working with overweight people and inspiring them along their weight loss journey.

He is combining all of his knowledge, skills and resources for this one good cause and reason.

Geoff believes that people deserve the truth. We live in a time where we are plagued obesity.

The time for change is now.