About Geoff Jowett

Geoff Jowett’s face is not a new one in the Australian fitness industry.

A seasoned fitness professional and weight loss expert, this hardworking health and fitness guru has been motivating Australians, and people the world over, to lose weight effectively for over 20 years.


Geoff is passionate about health and fitness and is dedicated to transforming lives with practical advice and the best weight loss products.

Now, Geoff is back with his most exciting weight loss project since he become part of the weight loss industry.

Geoff is sharing his unique weight loss industry-insider’s view and sharing his formula for weight loss success.


You can’t afford not to read what Geoff has to say!

In his new book, “Exercise Makes You Fat”, Geoff breaks down the weight loss equation to show you how you can lose weight effectively and for good, and what really works for weight loss.

Geoff uses his years of specialist fitness knowledge – his sports science education, his time as a PT working in the fitness industry, experiences as a champion body builder, knowledge developing successful weight loss supplements Bodytrim and Bodysculpt – to share his insider secrets of what works to lose weight.

These are weight loss rules to live by. And Geoff Jowett is sharing them!